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Guilty pleasures

Who are some of the artists that you are somewhat embarrassed to admit following?

Here are some of mine:

Roxette. I love Marie's voice and can't deny their pop power. I have about 10 of their CDs.

Motley Crue. Not only did I like disposable pop as a kid, I also liked pseudo-metal bands like Warrant, Poison, Trixter, Slaughter, etc. The most endearing to me, however, is Motley Crue. "Kickstart My Heart" still gets me going while "Without You" and "Home Sweet Home" rank as other favorites.

Richard Marx. I liked him a lot when I was about 9 and still have some of his albums. "Satisfied" still makes me smile.

Dannii Minogue. As if one Minogue isn't enough to like (Kylie features in my own top 10), I bought Dannii's Neon Nights[/i] album and loved it.

Milli Vanilli. Yes, as an 8-year old kid I loved Milli Vanilli. Sad thing is, I still have the tape and perhaps even more tragic, I sometimes listen to it.

There, I've come out with it. Anyone else care to share some of their guilty pleasures?

Henrik, please don't ban me for my abominable taste.

Re: Guilty pleasures

1. Hanson
2. Abba
3. Ace of Base
4. the Spice Girls
5. Richard Marx
6. Paula Abdul
7. Celine Dion
8. Aqua
9. Robyn (from Sweeden, remember?)
10. Linkin Park

Re: Guilty pleasures

Oh I forgot to mention Wham

Abba Has Had Some Decent...

acclaim. SO I odn't know if I'd classify the group asa guilty pleasure, as they are respected.

My ultimate guilty pleasure probably would be Kylie Minogue. :) Even though a lot of her music sounds the same and doesn't vary in what they're about, I enjoy listening to her (especially the 1987-1992 hits). She's no great artist, but a definite guilty pleasure.

I suppose Olivia Newton-John could be considered a guilty pleasure, even though she was a major icon at one time (thanks to Grease, mostly). I do enjoy listening to Olivia.

Re: Guilty pleasures

Hey, no shame in loving Kylie. She's one of my top 10 artists.

Re: Guilty pleasures

Moonbeam- I’ll still sometimes turn up "Kickstart My Heart" myself.

Richard Marx- I actually still like his rockier stuff like “Satisfied” and his odd murder ballad “Hazard”. Most of his slow songs are complete tripe, though.

Milli Vanilli- Can’t say I’m a fan but I still feel the Grammies dealt with this in hypocritical fashion. While I agree Rob and Fab should have been made to surrender their awards, they SHOULD have been given to the faceless guys who ACTUALLY sang it. If NARAS voters felt that album was the best one from a new artist, then those guys still deserve that statue in my opinion.

Abba- Don’t feel “guilty” on this one, they’re perfect singalong pop.

The Spice Girls- A tune here and there still brings a smile. (“Spice Up Your Life”,”Wannabe”)

Paula Abdul-I’ll still crank up “Cold Hearted” to this day and can remember most of the pseudo-rap bridge.

Linkin Park- Like some of their stuff but don’t feel “guilty” about it. “One Step Closer” is perfect workout music in my opinion.

My guilt inducers:
Rick Astley- Album “FREE”
Robin McNamara “Lay a Little Lovin’ on Me”
Partridge Family “Doesn’t Somebody Want to be Wanted?”
Paper Lace “The Night Chicago Died”
The Osmonds “Long Haired Lover from Liverpool”

Let my stoning begin. :)

Re: Guilty pleasures

I love the Eurovision Song Contest. Every spring I'm kneedeep in statistics about who's voting for who, and who would win if we block out votes from the former Soviet Union and so on.

Here's some proof.

If only votes from Nordic countries would count, then this is the top 3:
1. Norway (with 44 points)
2. Iceland (35)
3. Denmark (29)

Strong Nordic dominance among the Nordic countries there. Here's what the Yugoslavian countries voted for:
1. Serbia (56)
2. Bosnia & Herzegovina (49)
3. Russia (41)

Russia was, as some of you know, the winners this year, but the Balkans loved the Balkans. The Soviet Union countries voted as follows:
1. Russia (98)
2. Ukraine (70)
3. Georgia (56)
3. Norway (56)

Split third there, but you can see the pattern. And so it continues for two months every spring.

Now, that's a guilty pleasure! Consider yourself challenged.

Re: Guilty pleasures

I know I answer the same thing every time, but Robbie Williams rules

...and I guess I would also put Rick Astley on because I enjoy Rick Rolling so much. I left my job today and in the parting email to the company I put a Rick Roll link. That felt really good.

Re: Guilty pleasures

Mine would be Eminem. Its because I'm more on to Rock Music. But I never deny that I like him becaue its the truth.

Re: Guilty pleasures


1 Annie
2 Lou Christie

Re: Guilty pleasures

No reason to feel guilty about Annie, Greg!

Re: Guilty pleasures

Fred. just Fred. it's spelt with a capital F.

Re: Guilty pleasures

Michael Jackson
George Michael/Wham!
Bee Gees
3 Dog Night
Ringo Starr
The Eagles
Kenny Rogers
Hall & Oates
Rod Stewart
Michael W. Smith
Kanye West
Sheryl Crow
The Supremes
Mariah Carey
Justin Timberlake
Gwen Stefani
Spice Girls
that Miley Cyrus song "See You Again"
Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping"
the Numa Numa song
Cher's "Believe"
Savage Garden's "I Want You"
probably a lot more..

Re: Guilty pleasures

ABBA is like the Beatles of everyone's guilty pleasures list. There's nothing to feel guilty about when just about everyone likes them.

Re: Guilty pleasures


Now, that my friend is a guilty pleasure.

Re: Guilty pleasures

Tim, have you listened to the first two ABBA albums :)