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Your top 20 artists

What are they?

Here are mine.

1. Prince (as if you didn't know already )
2. Bjork
The Cure
Janet Jackson (5-way tie)
7. Blondie
8. David Bowie
9. Annie Lennox
10. Kylie Minogue
11. Depeche Mode
12. New Order
13. Aaliyah
14. Michael Jackson
15. The Smiths
16. Roxette (yes I'll admit it!)
17. Stevie Wonder
18. The Strokes
19. Busta Rhymes
20. Missy Elliott

Re: Your top 20 artists


1. Pixies
2. Steely Dan
3. Neil Young
4. Velvet Underground
5. Bob Dylan
6. Dexy´s Midnight Runners
7. Stranglers & The Buzzcocks
8. David Bowie
9. Tom Waits
0. Love
1. Leonard Cohen
2. Beach Boys
3. Frank Zappa
4. Nick Drake
5. Bob Hund (swedish)
6. Beatles & The Stones
7. Nirvana
8. Air
9. Love
0. Hüsker Dü & Sugar

Honorable mentions to:

- Television: Marquee Moon
- Some Philly Soul singles (songs)
- Some punk singles
- A few rap and hip-hop ditto


Re: Your top 20 artists

My top20 for what it's worth
1 - Bob Dylan
2 - The Beatles
3 - Elvis Costello
4 - David Bowie
5 - Prince
6 - Neil Young
7 - The Rolling Stones
8 - The Clash
9 - Daniel Wylie/Cosmic Rough Riders
10 - The Smiths
11 - Ron Sexsmith
12 - Ryan Adams
13 - Bruce Springsteen
14 - Super Furry Animals
15 - Coldplay
16 - The Who
17 - Josh Rouse
18 - Stevie Wonder (0nly until the 70's)
19 - R.E.M
20 - Teenage Fanclub
+ hundreds of soul/reggae/punk singles
Kinda predictable huh!

Re: Your top 20 artists

1. Captain Beefheart
2. Brian Wilson (in ex. The Beach Boys)
3. Nirvana
4. Neil Young
5. Black Sabbath
6. PIL
7. Shellac
8. Nick Drake
9. Sonic Youth
10. Steve reich
11. My Bloody Valentine
12. Siouxsie & The Banshees
13. The Velvet Underground
14. Autechre
15. This Heat
16. Joy Division
17. The Residents
18. Love
19. Cure
20. John Cale

Re: Your top 20 artists

1.Captain Beefheart
2. Brian Wilson (in ex. The Beach Boys)
3.Black Sabbath
6.Neil Young
7. Nick Drake
9.Sonic Youth
10. Steve Reich
11.The Velvet Underground
12.The Residents
13.My Bloody Valentine
14. Joy Division
15. Autechre
16. Siouxsie & the Banshees
17. The Melvins
18. This Heat
19. Cure
20. Love

Re: Your top 20 artists

1. Oasis
2. Charlatans UK
3. Cheap Trick
4. The Smiths
5. Ratt (yep...that's right)
6. The Stone Roses
7. U2
8. The Cure
9. Jesus & Mary Chain
12.The Beatles
13.The Cult
14.The Verve
15.The Flaming Lips
16.The Rolling Stones
18.Mazzy Star

That was hard.

My fisrt Post.

hello all

Re: Your top 20 artists

Anyone a fan of the Magnetic Fields? I love their new album and just wanted to know which CD is the best of their triple CD "69 Love Songs." I only heard the first one and loved it. Anyone by any chance a Scissor Sisters fan. I've only heard two of their songs but both were amaaaaaaazing and would like to get some feedback on what the best song off their new album is. Thanks

Re: Your top 20 artists

Hey Tim, I'm an absolute Magnetic Fields fan (ranked #12)!!!
Their lastest LP is quiet good but I prefer the "69 love songs" by far (it's in my top 5 albums of all-time). My favourite one is the first disc. "All my little words" is for me one of the greatest song ever written.
Scissor Sisters is my favourite album of 2004 !!! All the songs are good, espacially "Laura", "Filthy/Gorgoeous", "Mary" and "The return to Oz" (with a wonderful guitar solo final !).

Re: Your top 20 artists

Thanks Dumbangel!!!!! The whole Scissor Sisters hype seems to be fading away here in the states. I can't even find their CD at the local record stores. Do you have any spare copies? Well they played a free show here in LA which I missed but they weren't even the headliners. As I said before the British have far better taste than us yankees. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the word and good music shall prevail.

Re: Your top 20 artists

Not in order but:

1. The Beach Boys
2. The Beatles
3. The Choir
4. Led Zeppelin
5. Elvis Presley
6. U2
7. Stevie Wonder
8. E.L.O.
9. Servant
10. Johnny Cash
11. Yes
12. Ray Charles
13. Steely Dan
14. Barenaked Ladies
15. Rush
16. Nat "King" Cole
17. Frank Sinatra
18. Fleetwood Mac
19. Elton John
20. Paul Simon

Re: Your top 20 artists

My list is boring, so I'm going to rank my favorites out of Moonbeam's diverse list of artists.

Top 5

1. The Smiths
2. Blondie
3. David Bowie
4. Stevie Wonder
5. Prince

Re: Your top 20 artists

Wow- this is an old thread! My list has changed since then!

I hope both Greg and Paul will submit lists for the official poll!

Re: Your top 20 artists