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New Baby Flowers And Gifts

Whether a loved one is expecting, holding a baby shower or has just given birth, you will want to show your support with a card and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. New baby flowers provide an excellent way to know that you care. However, with so many flowers and bouquets to choose from, it is hard to know which kinds are appropriate to give as baby shower gifts. Here are a few tips for choosing new baby flowers.

Spring Colours
Just as the spring season celebrates new beginnings, the best new baby gifts will remind new parents of the precious gift that is life. When most people think of spring, they think of the light pastel colours commonly seen in early blooms and on Easter eggs. These colours are ideal for new baby gifts or baby shower gifts at any time of the year. Look for pale yellow roses and gerberas, purple iris, oriental lilies and pink carnations.

The motto of many florists is: when in doubt choose roses. Of course, sending a dozen long-stemmed roses to a new mother would be extremely inappropriate, but a bouquet of pastel roses would be perfect for the occasion. These flowers look best when displayed in a simple glass vase.

The great thing about gerberas is that they come in a whole rainbow of colours. As such, they make a great choice if you already know the giftee's favourite colour. Gerbera bouquets also look beautiful when they represent a whole spectrum of bright colours. These versatile flowers can be added to bouquets with other flowers, such as lilies, iris, chrysanthemums, tulips, lisianthus, and of course, roses.

Oriental Lilies
For a unique baby shower gift, send the new mother a bouquet of oriental lilies. These beautiful flowers have an amazing scent that will immediately perk up any dreary hospital room. The flowers arrive with the buds closed so that the bouquet will last longer. Once set out on display, the buds will soon open and become stunning flowers.
Balloons and Bears

Although a bouquet of flowers is wonderful on its own, you can add a little something by including a balloon. Not only will the balloon add a feeling of cheer, it will accurately express your excitement for the new parents. Some bouquets will provide both a balloon and a teddy bear for the new baby. This is a great option as it allows you to give a gift to the parents and a separate present for the baby.

When choosing flowers for new parents, it is important that you find something that will fit the occasion and their personal preferences. Of course, it is hard to know exactly what kind of flowers somebody will like, so if you are unsure, just stick with a variety that is universally appreciated. For an added bonus, include a vase, balloon or teddy bear with the bouquet. No matter which type of flowers you choose for the baby and new parents, they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Florerías Quito

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