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Graduates over here! Inventory of the easiest jobs


2014, China had more than 300,000 overseas students returning, refresh the highest, known as the "biggest ever influx of returnees." At the same time, this year due to the economic slowdown, many companies drastically reduced the number of recruits. This means that the returnees job more difficult than before.


However, compared to many European home, Chinese returnees employment rate is still very impressive. Let Jiuge to introduce you to the most vulnerable country's current employment.


Dubai: International Health and the employment rate of over 90%



for Chinese students, studying in Dubai, perhaps more familiar. But in fact, Dubai International students in the local employment rate of over 90%, and education expenses are lower than in Europe,www.cheap-brand-sunglasses.com, Australia and Canada, about 150,000 yuan a year, and pay the tuition of the semester, parents and students of economic pressure is small.


Dubai is a highly cosmopolitan country, foreigners accounted for 80%. Meanwhile, Dubai is also economically developed countries, its hotels, International Trade industry is well developed in Dubai attending such related professions, job easier. Dubai college graduates starting salary is relatively high, approximately 8000-10000 yuan per month (including accommodation and visa fees). If reading is a graduate student, due to the master's program in Dubai optional evening classes, students can also "working while studying," can afford their own tuition and living expenses.


2020 World Expo is scheduled to be held in Dubai, the preparatory work will begin in 2015 overall, will also provide approximately 200,000 jobs.


Re: Graduates over here! Inventory of the easiest jobs

Greetings Silic2x2man. Indeed, Dubai education are getting better and better. Seeing their economic rise, they needed to maintain a high quality of education for their economic. I think that is one of the main reason why Dubai is one of the richest state right now, thinking that they are not even a country. Anyway, if you need some roofers, you can check out roofing boston ma.

Re: Graduates over here! Inventory of the easiest jobs

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