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Korla a jade bracelet allows two friends fell out


Tianshan (Reporter Liu Yang reported) December 27, Korla City Leung readers to call our hotline, said she bought a bracelet at a friend Ms. Cao place, the next day found the bracelet specifications When fineness incompatible with purchase requests, demands the return but was rejected. To this end, the two friends turned face.


Ms Leung said that on December 21, she told a friend to someone else to buy a female corpse Cao diameter of 56 mm bracelet. After that, Ms. Leung couple to counter Western White Horse mall Ms. Cao, spent 12,000 yuan to buy a bracelet.


"After I came home to find a bad fineness bracelet, find someone to identify that, this bracelet has a diameter of 58 mm, the market price of 6,000 yuan also because the other party does not provide bill, I think there ' tricky ', and afterwards, I went to return was rejected. "Leung said.


Ms. Cao said: "56 mm, fineness and nice bracelet easy to find, and that two days I closed the shop to help her find the bracelet, but she suspected 56 mm price is too expensive, we chose only Moreover Leung voluntarily buy only the bracelet, there is no hard sell phenomenon. "


Leung intends to resolve the matter through legal channels. In this regard, Xinjiang Pearland Lawyer Wang believes that because of lack of evidence, the two sides agreed only verbally bracelet specifications, the buyer also purchase their own goods,wholesale oakleys, the proposed consultation.


(Original title: Korla: a jade bracelet allows two friends fell out)