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Wei Qing murderous bracelet sold to tourist spots


Wei Qing: Poison bracelet sold to tourist spots poisoned who?


       2014-04-10 08:10
       Source: Watch now



    in Xiamen City, east Po Tsuen, colorful agate bracelet turned gray wool processing. What color you want, can be done based on different chemical solution and soaking process. Test showed that the heavy metal content of such dyed agate generally high accumulation of carcinogenicity in humans and may induce mutations! But is this poison bracelet has sold all the various tourist spots! ("CCTV" April 9, 2014)


    According to local operators introduced Xiamen Dongpu is the country's largest distribution center for raw agate, onyx only bracelet annual production of nearly 200 million , the market almost all visible from here. Processing frankly, more than 95% of the basic agate bracelet have done chemically dyed. Staining solution is highly corrosive main ingredient potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, silver nitrate ...... more than Xiamen Dongpu, dyed agate also exists in Fuxin County for 20 years. Since agate dyed households dumped chemical waste, local wells have turned green, the villagers poured vegetable are not used. Last July, authorities banned the dyeing agate industry. However, individual operators still continue to engage in, and some secretly transferred to the field dyed link ......


    Previously, unsafe food, unsafe drinking water, unsafe consumption and so on have a headache already, and now, even the tourist handicrafts began toxic, which makes consumers feel then make travel feel then! when tourists happily buy agate bracelet into a poison bracelet , tourists began to endanger the health, tourism and shopping becomes a basic purchase "toxic", who would dare casually shopping, who would dare like souvenirs and crafts, although not all bracelet are carriers of the virus, but a mouse bad pot of soup, Renyankewei ah.


    tourist handicrafts, though small, but their safety can not be underestimated, as production quality, industry and commerce, quality supervision departments, tourism and supervision departments,good cheap sunglasses, not because of the neglect of the small tourist handicrafts regulation, tourism, handicraft small, but also a matter of tourists travel health problems, even if the production of tourism handicrafts basic security is a problem, no matter how good the development of the tourism industry, what significance does it, tourism is booming handicrafts what a healthy and active tourism significance?


    Today, the uneven development of tourism handicrafts, for producers, Qingzheziqing, muddy from the cloud, with a much-needed safety conscience tourist handicrafts, as tourism management department, not only to the importance of tourism macroeconomic environment The safer, more secure travel needs attention to detail, these include safety regulation tourism handicrafts, tourism in the usual law enforcement, to the safety of tourism handicrafts serious regulation, supervision and regulation of tour operators crafts purchase channels and purchase certificates , so that the problem can be traced back handicrafts, tourism handicrafts Forced safe operation.


    95% agate bracelet by the toxic chemicals dyeing, once again sounded the alarm for travel safety, tourism, handicraft security is by no means What little things, regulatory tourist handicrafts security requires not only careful supervision from the source, but also from the scene closely monitoring tourist attractions, tourism operators need not only moral discipline, regulatory authorities need to travel more in-depth tourist attractions, assume regulatory responsibility , truly secure happiness tourism.