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http://www.frtnn.eu/ Effective control of the ball

Effective control of the ball

soccer shoes

Air Max Femme 2014 offers comprehensive protection for football Nike Air Max Pas Cher and the ball when the. Different sites can choose the site of football shoes.

upper: the kangaroo leather or synthetic leather. Kangaroo like athletes second skin, make it have good touch on ball, Boken tension, lightweight and durable. The PREDATOR Falcon technology application Adidas top football shoes vamp also unique, strengthen the contact with the ball, the direction Timberland Homme and accuracy.

bottom: with TRAXION odd nail large bottom or replaceable TRAXION odd nail the bottom.

insole: indicate the shoes are suitable for soccer
SG - for a soft, grassland
FG - wet for grassland
HG - hard for mud, sand
IN - suitable for Artificial Grassland - suitable for wood or artificial indoor venues, often for training
how to understand shoes shoes shoes shoes Standard Version and

shoes version of FA: Foot Action special color edition SB=SKATEBOARD= skate
AP: is a shoe plate
LE: Asian LIMITED refers to the EDITION (Limited Edition)
ND=New Design (multi refers to the use of new materials, such as patent leather, cloth.....)
TB: is Team Bulk, mainly refers to Nike Requin Homme the team to match the shirt color.

NU=NEW, mainly JordanBrand in the replica shoes in the original air jordan sneakers for new shoes inspired design, with Nu retro on behalf of this kind of shoes RETRO= engraved
FL: Footlocker special color edition
FNL: Finish Line special color edition
B: Back surcharge, which is originally not intended colours, but later launched shoes, will be in the name, and "B".
Sample: template copy styles of shoes -- refers to a proposal of shoes, manufactured in a decision had reference, only about two production up to forty.
SC: Sports Classic classic sports shoes, which means some has set off shoes reissue title.
Prototype: trial edition shoes (and assembling shoes): refers to the production of very small, is purely for the individual or organization to wear shoes, not for public sale..