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Timberland Femme sports shoes how do yellow

sports shoes how do yellow

believes that often wear white shoes friends have sports shoes bought not long, brush a yellowing experience, yellow not only ugly, affect the appearance, but also affect the movement of the heart, so many of Nike air max my friends do not know how to do

Sports shoes

you can TN Requin pas cher buy in the store to Air Jordan Pas Cher brush powder, the shoe cleaning, while the shoe when wet brush up, then the white towel to dry in the sun, but be careful not to prolonged sun exposure.

blue ink dilution, put them in ten minutes, remove the dry, after airing shoes, while wet toilet paper stuck on the surface of the shoe, bag tight, dry toilet paper is yellow, and shoes will not turn yellow.

available white Air Jordan Pas Cher shoe powder. Brush shoes with white shoe powder and covered with white toilet paper;

if the moment can not buy a white shoe powder, the kettle wall scale is scraped off, and grinding, put on clean vamps, the shoe can be white as new;


there is a very special resolution shoe edge yellowing what to do, is to use glutinous rice boiled water with lemon juice! And then use the cloth or soft brush to wipe your shoes, so there will be good results oh.


the most simple is to go to a special shoes store renovation ah, not expensive effect is also very good. Sports shoes for daily use

do not wash with excellent brush or forced to wash wash eager technology and printing pattern edge.

use the washing machine dry can be washed. If the first after a period of time in the wash, then soak time is not

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