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Prevention and Treatment of PID

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is so common a disease that it is of great significance to have a good knowledge of the prevention and treatment of PID.

PID is one of the most serious complications of sexually transmitted disease in women. Therefore, you can prevent yourself from getting PID by preventing yourself from getting sexually transmitted disease. Several suggestions are listed as follows:

Firstly, have safe sex. To reach safe sex, you should have sex with someone (only one partner is the best) that does not have sexually transmitted disease. You’d better correctly use condoms each time you have sex with others, no matter what kind of sex you have.

Secondly, don’t douche easily. There are many bacteria which may protect you from infection in the vagina. Once you douche, you may be easier to get disease as some necessary bacteria is pushed into the genital tract.

Thirdly, master the main symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (pain in the stomach area, high fever, abnormal uterine bleeding, painful sexual intercourse). If you believe you have this disease, go to the hospital at once. It is easier to be treated at the early stage. In addition, you also need to be treated once your sexual partner is diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease, even though you don’t have any symptoms of PID.

With the symptoms of PID vary from mild to severe, the treatment of PID changes. When your symptoms of PID are mild, your first choice is medication. You can take some oral antibiotics. If it is not effective, you can try the combination of oral and intravenous antibiotics. If the infection is severe (for example, there is abscess), a surgery is required. Moreover, if the abscess is in the uterus or ovaries, it is recommended to remove your uterus or ovaries.


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