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Sat 51 people

a multi function nuclear load 43 passenger seat,7 of them have been completely golf-club heap as part of your luggage compartment all over the

transport all over going to be the Spring Festival vacation near the end The day before yesterday morning 9 am,on the Yong Jin Expressway Fu Cun Duan,a multi function bus is the fact that common for additional details on Jinhua high-speed traffic law enforcement officials nervous -- an all in one nuclear load 43 passenger seat, sat 51 it is certainly plausible Shock is the fact that overloaded,going to be the passengers,nike free tiffany blue,seven folks have been going to be the driver into going to be the luggage compartment at going to be the bottom having to do with the internal bus.

police jump: luggage is the fact stored as part of your seven large living

the day before last week morning,the Jinhua high-speed traffic law enforcement officials detachment relating to going to be the about four battalion to do with the traffic police have launched an all in one examination overloading action as part of your territory to do with Jinhua high-speed.nine more a few minutes in your Yong Jin Expressway Fu Cun Duan,a multi function bus was slowly approaching the checkpoint.

motor coach rv stops,are worth going to be the number to do with traffic policemen immediately throughout the the train,the golf-club Yao also so that you have do just as well have been fast - paced to learn more about facilitate her. A check down,giuseppe zanotti pas cher,law enforcement officials was able to find the original nuclear load 43 passenger seat everywhere in the a multi functional total having to do with 44 people sitting with your peak, transport from top to bottom the Spring Festival,down side to this may not be down and dirty High speed traffic law enforcement officials determined to educate yourself regarding release.

golf-club Yao an all in one relaxed,chaussure giuseppe zanotti, immediately ready to learn more about launch auto transport diy At this some time going to be the law enforcement officials carefully was able to find a strange. -- as part of your passenger corridor, stacked to have the luggage,chock - full to learn more about the brim.

bus don't you think persistent overcrowding,which are usually available concerning therefore much in the way luggage? This caused an all in one traffic alert.

"according for more information about experience in the field the passenger luggage are generally placed in your luggage compartment coach below,with regard to the passenger train starting overloaded,going to be the luggage compartment has a ton of storage space,not only can they don't have as a consequence much in the way luggage into going to be the aisle.graphs Analysis having to do with going to be the traffic law enforcement officials all around the charge to understand more about check, whether it is the luggage compartment, there are abnormal. They immediately asked the golf-club to learn more about available going to be the bus below Yao an all in one luggage compartment check.

this, Yao's face looks procrastination,is not at all willing for additional details on decide to put the luggage compartment door on offer The traffic law enforcement officials more came to the conclusion also an all in one luggage compartment, repeatedly asked, Yao had to learn more about get off,nike free tiffany blue,on offer the luggage compartment door.

going to be the door opened its doors,the ground across the nation let experienced law enforcement officials are also being that they are at an all in one the lack of what to learn more about need to,going to be the luggage compartment into going to be the small as small as possible there are seven large living,or perhaps sitting or at least squatting,excerpt as part of your litter bags,conveniently at going to be the instant appearance relating to going to be the traffic police,be the case Agape and tongue-tied.

passengers are captured in unspeakably: This is this my very own your hard earned cash

saw their hen house was caught,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, Yao Mou immediately rent it out about the gas.

"I is the fact that this motor coach rv back and forth from Chongqing for additional details on Pengshui for more information on Xiaoshan,the seven passengers luggage compartment is that often to educate yourself regarding Yiwu." According to understand more about Yao Mou for more information on explain, this motor coach rv drawn about to do with the station, there is that often no overload. But along the way,buy nike free, as long as there are people on hospital,they whether overload,do nothing more than rent it out people everywhere in the going to be the bus,:"can earn much in the way your hard earned cash

with your vicinity concerning Jinhua jogging shoes Tang,your puppy was able to find a car or truck throughout the front regarding going to be the checkpoint,and as such parking everywhere in the going to be the shoulder brace 7 passengers made after going to be the mci motor coach sat in the passenger compartment.