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Digital Music Distribution

From an idea born in a tiny Birmingham flat, Matt and Lee Parsons have helped over 30,000 artists distribute their music to a world-wide audience. In 2006, Matt and Lee wanted to release their own music independently. By the time they set up a record label, worked out barcodes and ISRC codes, and finally managed to get their music distributed six months had passed. Their momentum stalled, their fans moved on, and their track limped into the charts at number 70. Their music career was over.

Re: Digital Music Distribution

Hello, I would like to say the thanks to you for this all information. It is realy healpful for the many peoples who intrested on musics.


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Re: Digital Music Distribution

I m in a band and I think that promoting and advertising your band is more important than setting up your own label ( as it is already kind of what we're doing when you are unsigned). Don't you think that a band/ or an artist should get help for licensing and marketing before spending money on setting up a label? - LyricsRaag.com

Re: Digital Music Distribution

I have the slightly same story. I am 26 year old, and from age of 12, I wanted to become a musician. I know how to produce a song, I am self taught. I could sing.

5 years ago I have written a song although I have written many but most of them are incomplete.

So, I needed a studio to record my vocals, but I had no money. I am an orphan, a daily wage earner, who barely earns 350 rupees (INR) a day. So I released the track without vocals, which results in my song barely gets 5-6 plays a month, including all the platforms.

Today I am desperate, I didn't open my DAW for almost 2 years now. Because I have shortage of resources. You can't even imagine what it feels like, but that's how it is.

Today I running a small blog at Mausiqi Lyrics, trying to recover from the desperation, but it don't want to leave me. I got banned from adsense without even getting approval.