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Re: UMT 2012: Genre #2 - 70's Pop

RESULTS, 29 voters:

81 - Elton John
53 - Billy Joel
41 - Paul Simon
40 - John Lennon
28 - Abba
26 - Rod Stewart
17 - Bee Gees
15 - James Taylor
14 - Wings
13 - Randy Newman
12 - Carole King, Jackson Browne, John Denver
10 - Jim Croce
7 - Barry Manilow, Bob Seger, George Harrison
6 - Bill Withers, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Doobie Brothers
5 - Donna Summer
4 - Badfinger, Grand Funk Railroad
3 - The Carpenters, Three Dog Night
2 - 10cc, KC & The Sunshine Band
1 - John Fogerty
0 - Boz Scaggs, Carly Simon, Diana Ross, Olivia Newton-John

Re: UMT 2012: Genre #2 - 70's Pop

Bob Seger Billy Joel Elton John Bachman Tuner Overdrive Grand Funk Railroad
Paul Simon Bachman-Turner Overdrive Grand Funk Railroad KC & The Sunshine Band Three Dog Night
Billy Joel Elton john Doobies James taylor John lennon
Abba Bee Gees Rod Stewart Billy Joel Donna Summer

1. Elton 2. Badfinger 3. Wings 4. Donna Summer 5. Abba
Rod Stewart… Billy Joel… Three Dog Night… Elton John… Bee Gees
1-Bee Gees 2-Elton John 3-Jackson Browne 4-Paul Simon 5-Randy Newman

1.Billy Joel. 2.Elton John. 3.James Taylor. 4.Paul Simon. 5.Jim Croce
Elton John, Billy Joel, the Doobies, the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart
1.john denver (double threat..great folk singer and fantastic actor) 2. Barry Manilow 3. Elton John 4.Bee Gees. 5. Bob Seger
Jimmy Taylor, Paul Simon, Lennon, Croce, and Paul Newman.
Elton, Billy Joel, Abba, Carpenters, Rod
Elton, Billy, Jackson, JT, Rod
Bill Withers, Sir Elton, Paul Simon, George Harrison, John Denver
But for me, these 5 bands were 70s pop: 1) ABBA 2) John Denver 3) Barry Manilow 4) Bee Gees 5) The Carpenters