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Re: Top album 3000 update

Right now I can not say anything else than sometime this year.

The update will include 2010 and 2011 (both albums and songs) and it will be another huge update of the all-time songs list. A small number of all-time and decade albums lists will also be added to the site.

Okay, a great work you're doing anyways. But a bit disapointed no update in 2011... well this will make the 2012 update more wanted :-)

Re: Top album 3000 update

Henrik, what was this craziness about the possibility of a Top 4000 or 5000? Are you actually considering it?

Re: Top album 3000 update

Henrik, what was this craziness about the possibility of a Top 4000 or 5000? Are you actually considering it?
For songs, yes. It is much harder to get an overview of the albums outside AM, since there could be albums that haven't appeared in (almost) any critics list that could make the top 4000 because of high ratings at Allmusic, etc., and I will not extend the list if I feel that it is far from the true top 4000.

Re: Top album 3000 update

I actually agree with you on this, Henrik. 4000-5000 albums= nearly a top 100 for each year, and probably more than 100 for several years.

You have to ask yourself if there is a point where an album's acclaim is so low, that it's just a statistical anomaly. I always figured (ideally) if every album on AM was reissued and reevaluated, most critics would give said albums roughly 8/10 or higher (even if initial meta-critic reaction was mixed.)

The second you go into big numbers, you start bumping into more albums that aren't necessarily acclaimed as they are just a personal favorite of one or two publications. I think 3,000 is a good place for quality control purposes right now.

Re: Top album 3000 update

I agree when you get to 4000-5000 the statistical variability gets too big to be relevant.

Something that I'd be interested in is if there's a special category of BU for albums with top-heavy praise. Some kind of 'Divisively Acclaimed' category.

Re: Top album 3000 update

If you ask a hundred different people to name the best album of all time, the chances are that you will not get a unanimous answer.

This web site's purpose is to achieve a means of establishing the greatest music albums of all time by using legitimate critical sources and calculating a ranking based on the rank and number of times an album has appeared in a 'greatest album' chart and then ranking the albums according to their aggregate performance.