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New Discovery

Maybe it's because it's 3am and this was my first night out drinking with friends in 2012. Whatever the reason, I feel brave enough to say that starting a thread about new discoveries might be a good idea. I use the word "new" very loosely. I'm not necessarily talking about music that has been released recently. I'm talking about any song or album you've discovered recently that you want to share with other AMers. Many of us (including myself) seem to take notice of other AMers' recommendations, so let's continue to be a friendly bunch and share discoveries which others might find useful.

My own "new" discovery which I want to share is so new that it's from 1938 But 1 or 2 people might like it.

Re: New Discovery

Not a new discovery, but a rediscovery. Amy Rigby's Diary of a Mod Housewife.

An alternative country masterpiece that gave a different insight of the love of mid-90s women. This is in stark contrast to the angst females that ruled the mid 90s. Rigby is witty, honest and playful. There's a strong commitment to the material by her that's is rare to see. She spill her thoughts and deliver them with a incredible amount of conviction. A terrific insight in love, divorce and relationships. This is female psych at its peak and free of any feminism, vagina music tag or Ani DiFranco-isms.

Re: New Discovery

Me again.

I'm not shy to give credit where credit is due.

I'm currently working on my all-time songs list. As usual, I will explore previously posted lists by ALL active AMers (because we are one big fabulous community, regardless of differences in tastes), but I decided to start with the lists of the rest of the "Four Horsemen". At the moment I'm focusing on the 50s, and these new discoveries will likely make my all-time top 200. So...

Thanks Honorio:

Thanks nicolas:

And thanks Henrik (I've never really paid close attention to this song. But then I noticed that it's pretty high up on your list of favourite songs, so I listened to it more attentively. And I agree with you... it's absolutely gorgeous):