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Forum polls spreadsheet overview

To celebrate that we have now covered every decade (every year actually!) from the 1950s to the 2000s, I have entered some numbers from our album polls into a spreadsheet. It includes albums that have been in the top 25 of an all-time list or the top 10 of a decade list. If someone wants to add more data or do the same for songs that would be great.

I found it very interesting to look at these results. Overall we are producing similar results over time, but quite a lot of the albums are slowly but consistently moving up or down.

Here is the spreadsheet:

Re: Forum polls spreadsheet overview

I've been incredibly surprised by the slow but sure rise of Illinois. 43rd in 2009 is amazing, but even then it was beaten by the "Big Three" of Funeral, Kid A and Is This It. It seems like the trend is Funeral going up and staying up, Kid A slowly coming down, The Strokes rather quickly going down and then Illinois shooting up. I have no idea why (though of course I have no problem with it), but it beat Kid A . I would never have saw that coming from a forum for whom Radiohead are (quite rightly) darlings.

Re: Forum polls spreadsheet overview

...The Strokes rather quickly going down...

Are you so sure about that?

2005 position- 93
2008 position- 54
2009 position- 42
2011 position- 32