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Re: Albums of 2011

I think what we should do is to give the year a rating.

2011: A year with not many massive hits (at least when compared with 2010) but one that sees a dearth of electronic music as well as albums (like Destroyer) which grow ever so much. I can see myself really liking this year given a couple of years but at the moment it's only a 6/10.

Re: Albums of 2011


Finally got around to listening to Blood Orange. Good rec!

Pretty good isn't it. And I still love it.

It's funny how the top of 2011's EOY list does not satisfy the lovers and the haters of this year.

I find this year excellent but I find the list really bad.

Re: Albums of 2011

It's of course too late, but if you can, look this album : Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love.

Re: Albums of 2011

I'd give 2011 an 8/10 for albums, a 6/10 for songs, and a 10/10 for depth. But I've listened to more 2011 albums than albums from any other year, so I might be a little biased about its depth.