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Re: Forum Poll: The Best Albums of the 00s Results

I'm gonna tackle The White Stripes - White Blood Cells. The first thing I noticed about it is its simplicity. There is almost nothing to the songs - it really is simply drums, guitar and voice, and that raw sound really appeals to me. It's a pretty aggressive album - take the sneer with which Jack White says "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" in the first song, and it does that Pixies thing of going loud-soft-loud-soft which I find quite exhilarating. It really is a loud album at times.

But this only serves to make the good parts better - those are the songs which slow down a little bit, a bit more thoughtful, a bit more poignant. We're Going To Be Friends, and the last three songs in particular. Add to that mix the sheer fun of songs like Fell In Love With A Girl, Hotel Yorba etc, and you find that the album really packs a lot of punch in 40 minutes.

Oh and I forgot to mention Jack White's guitaring. While I'm not one to enjoy guitar solos, because they always feel like forced posturing, Jack White is another matter. His guitar solos sound like I'M GOING TO SLAY YOUR CHILDREN aggressive, and it sure is impressive.

Re: Forum Poll: The Best Albums of the 00s Results

I seize the opportunity to encourage the AMers to vote on the Stephan World Cupo poll, the last three weeks I missed many of the voters that participated on the first three (the first week of Brazil we reached 16 voters), like Henrik, Andre, Romain, sonofsamiam, Kinoftonga, Listyguy, Seanywack, Henry or Moonbeam. Come on, maybe East Asia is not the most interesting but very soon we will reach to the best part (that in my opinion is 1.2, Western Africa, great songs in there).
And of course, I got no time to participate but there are many other great games going on that I would like to encourage participation too, the 2011 Albums and Songs Polls, the Moderately Acclaimed Poll or the Unacclaimed.

Honorio, Petri, Stephan, other forum participants: It was already hard for me to plan free quality time on music listening and rating, but due to a recent change at work I can no longer actively participate in any polls. My initiative to rate songs whilest going back in time, is not going fast either (in a snail tempo I got to 1992 so far, see my documentation at RYM). It's sad but true, but I am already happy if I manage to listen to some new music material once in a while. The interest in music will always be there and remain strong, but like with all hobbies, the time spent comes in waves.

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