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Reissues of The Sound!

Exciting news - I've just learned that Jeopardy and From the Lion's Mouth by the early 80s British postpunk band The Sound are being reissued on January 17th! Jeopardy (currently #2633) has, notoriously, been one of the hardest-to-find albums on the top 3000 (I consider myself indescribably lucky to have found it a couple of years back), so this is welcome news indeed - especially because it happens to be a great album. I've previously described Jeopardy as The Great Lost Postpunk Album; two weeks from now it will be lost no more. I highly recommend it. (I will, of course, be purchasing the Bubbling Under follow-up album.)

Re: Reissues of The Sound!

Hallelujah! Happy New Year indeed! I'm glad I didn't break down and pay $100 for the out-of-print reissue. I'll be snapping these up with a quickness.