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Need help with information about songs


I have a Google spreadsheet with 575 songs. I need information about release years for these songs, and most importantly if they were released as singles. If you click on the link you will get edit access and you could use for example RYM to find the release years for the song, as an album track ("Album year") and as a single ("Single year"). If the song was only released as album track or single, then write 'X' in the other column.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Need help with information about songs

I forgot to describe what I mean with a single.

Both A- and B-sides should be counted for. But only singles that had a commercial release in at least the US, the UK or it's home country. If the single wasn't released prior to the artist's following studio album it should not be counted for either (for example if a track from Revolver was released as a single after Sgt Pepper came out it wouldn't be listed as a single).