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Re: The Songs...

Henrik, can you move this to the Critics list forum/ It was started before the forum split. Thanks. :)

These are the songs added since the last one I posted.

mad love for The Beatles/Lennon, but that's hardly an oddity among critics' lists.

'Forever Now,' Cold Chisel -- I Freakin' Love This Song
'Jealous Guy,' John Lennon
'Happiness Is a Warm Gun,' The Beatles
'Hold On,' John Lennon
'Attica State,' John Lennon
'Woman Is the N----- of the World,' John Lennon
'God,' John Lennon
'I'm So Tired,' The Beatles
'Crippled Inside,' John Lennon
'I Am the Walrus,' The Beatles
'You've Got to Hide Your Love Away,' The Beatles
'Yes It Is,' The Beatles
'Working Class Hero,' John Lennon
'I Believe in a Thing Called Love,' The Darkness

Re: The Songs...

It seems as if they choose songs using different themes rather than a "best-of-everything", so for a similar reason as the NPR list this list will not be included. And I can't move a thread to another forum. Sorry, JR.