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Led Zeppelin IV - 40th Anniversary

Today, November 8th, 2011, marks 40 years since the release of my favorite album, Led Zeppelin IV.
Just wanted to wish it a happy birthday.

Re: Led Zeppelin IV - 40th Anniversary

Happy birthday to one of the greatest achievements in 20th century music ever!

Re: Led Zeppelin IV - 40th Anniversary

I want to take this opportunity to say Zeppelin has completely screwed the pooch on their legacy...I want a serious Led Zeppelin reissue series, with Remasters and bonus discs!

Zeppelin is by far the greatest band to still languish in 1980s, dawn of the era cd mastering.

Re: Led Zeppelin IV - 40th Anniversary

I like these album anniversary posts. In the age of iTunes, I don't listen to full albums as much as I used to, and these posts are a good reminder to do just that.

Coming up on my calendar:

Nov. 19: Bush - RAZORBLADE SUITCASE (15 years)
Nov. 19: U2 - ACHTUNG BABY (20 years)
Nov. 22: Pearl Jam - VITALOGY (17 years)
Nov. 22: The Beatles - WHITE ALBUM (43 years)
Nov. 25: Nick Drake RIP (37 years)
Nov. 27: Avalanches - SINCE I LEFT YOU (11 years)
Nov. 30: Pink Floyd - THE WALL (32 years)
Nov. 30: Michael Jackson - THRILLER (29 years)
Nov. 30: White Noise - AN ELECTRIC STORM (43 years)