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Supports Dual Layer DVD-9 Discs.

• Load your original and backup games, direct onto your hard drive and then run them without the hassle of swapping game discs.
• No more incessant long loading times whilst reading data from ANY game disc.
• HD ADVANCE solves all these problems and does so much more.
• HD ADVANCE is a revolutionary piece of software.
• Allows you to store original and backup, games on any modern high capacity IDE Hard Drive conncted to your PS2 (Sony Network adapter requred).
• Install, delete and manage your original and BACKUP games and files on your HDD with just a click of a button.
• Simple and intuitive multi-lingual user interface allows easy navigation and selection of files stored on your Hard drive.
• Original and backup games are executed at lightning speed and accessed directly from the HDD, no need to insert your game disc. Just launch HD ADVANCE and select the game you wish to play.
• HDAdvance is the ultimate Hard drive storage and management solution for PS2.
• Full support for versions 1-11.
• HDAdvance offers excellent compatibility with your games – over
• 95% of games work flawlessly when running from your hard disk drive.
• HDAdvance is compatible with both standard IDE hard disk drives and the official Playstation 2™ hard disk drive.
• Version 2 allows for 200 GB HDD

You could buy it from Joystores.com on affordable price for free shipping.
Have a happy shopping!

Thank you!