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2 in 1 PS2/Xbox Wireless Foam Dance Pad

Dance all night with your favoirte dance game from your Xbox or PS2 System. Now play your DDRMax or Ultramix Series with one dance pad for both system.

Dance in comfort zone with wireless dance pad and save space and money with one pad instead purchase multi-pad.

Best use with one wireless dance pad without interference.

• Quantity: 1
• Compatible with Sony PS/PS2 and Microsoft Xbox System
• Auto-Sense 2.4 GHZ wireless connectivity
• Raised, Reinforced Buttons
• Super-sensitive-no-more-delay technology
• 1 Inch Foam Insert for Exceptional Comfort
• Arcade-sized Circuitry for Higher Scores Energy
• Non-slip foam so that the pad won't slip around

• Dimensions: 34 1/2" x 34 1/2" x 1 1/2"
• Play Area: 32" x 32"
• Non-Slip Bottom: Yes
• Power Source: Require Battery (Not Include)
• Number of Buttons: 8
• Sensitivity: High

For more details check out Joystores.com