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Rock Sabremetrics???

So I just read an article by Klosterman that would be inane, except it's entirely tongue in cheek so it's kinda fun instead. (If you weren't sure, the footnoted reference to mid-90s musicologist Ronald Thomas Clontle should give it away.)

He's created the Rock VORP.

The idea is to determine how much value a given rock musician brings to his team... err, band... above that of an average rock musician. The best/worst part comes when he provides the "established value" of a host of bands. Apparently, in Klosterman's world, Pizzicato Five is on a par with the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Velvet Underground, and Joy Division is near the bottom, on a par with Black Eyed Peas.

Re: Rock Sabremetrics???

He lost it at Part III, but I like the concept of the first two parts, though I would tinker with the weightings.

Re: Rock Sabremetrics???

This is an interesting idea, but too many of the value judgments seem way too arbitrary. I thought the idea of sabremetrics was to base the calculation solely on induction from statistics.

Re: Rock Sabremetrics???

it's entirely tongue in cheek so it's kinda fun instead.

Okay, people, this is not to be taken seriously. Lol at the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

He does say of Part III: "I will concede that some of these rankings are debatable."
I don't know if he even agrees with his own rankings. It's a fun read, though.