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Lady Gaga vs. Alex Young

I am a huge Lady Gaga fan. Also a huge fan of the new album. I really like Marry the Night and Schiebe. I’m curious to see what the next single will be. I have a feeling it is going to be Marry the Night. Thoughts?

I like that the album is clearly very personal, but I also like when artists sing about issues greater than themselves. I just came across this singer Alex Young who kind of sounds like Gaga. She sings about environmental issues and is really trying to create a difference in the world through her music. I think more artists should relate their music to greater causes than their personal growth and development and use their status and influence to better the world like she does. Check out her song called “Somethings Coming.” http://www.somethingscoming.org/ -- great music and a refreshing message!


there was someone, who is a large influence on Stefani Gaga, who did the things like that before- you may know who that is.

"Marry the Night" may be a good fourth single. "Schiebe" would make a terrible single choice.