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Panda Bear - Tomboy

Currently streaming in full on NPR. Tomboy has been a long time coming, and with NPR we are able to experience the final product. Many songs taking upon different sonic textures than the original's. Tomboy establishes Panda Bear as a unique and worthwhile solo artist that creates music of equal quality with that of his bands best work. Admittedly some songs are better than others, but despite its strange and lengthy release method; this is an album to be taken as a whole. Playing less with ideas, and more with sonic pulses and vocal puppetry. The music feels grown out of a style perhaps adapted during his work with Atlas Sound & Pantha Du Prince. I also feel a strong kinship with Bjork as well. Tomboy is a triumph, one that will take years to unravel. In a season filled with so many great releases, an animal un-collected rides above all others.