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Helplessness Blues

New here. Hello! GREAT site.

Wondering what everyone thinks of the new Fleet Foxes record. Their debut is very highly regarded on this site, and most other for that matter.

The new record is BETTER. Not scared to say it. Loved the first, but this is amazing.


It's not until you hear the last 3 tracks on this record that it becomes the instant classic and historical release its slowly becoming.

The Shrine / An Argument (Best song of the year)
Blue Spotted Ocean
Grown Ocean

Hopefully I'll get to see them live.

Whats your take?

Re: Helplessness Blues


I wouldn't go quite as far as to proclaim it 'historic' just yet (or say its better than the s/t) but after two listens, I have to say that this is a very welcome return for the band - it proves their debut wasn't a fluke, and marks them as quite a special act for our times! Exciting!

I wonder what your take on the screechy bit in TS/AA is? I personally am baffled by its inclusion.