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Mixcloud's best podcasts 2010

Ah, it's that time of year again. One of my personal favorite annual lists (of course, nothing is eligible ). The best of these flow and keep your interest like the best actual albums. Many are from world-class DJs/producers who just happen to have Mixcloud accounts. Yeah, most are mixes--which I consider an artform in itself; a great mix is very hard to make--but there is some original material there too. Hours of excellent free music. Enjoy.


Re: Mixcloud's best podcasts 2010

I'm listening to the Guru podcast, which is excellent. Thanks! I'll be returning to this regularly.

Re: Mixcloud's best podcasts 2010

haha, I'm working my way down to that one. Going through the ones I missed starting with #75 (which was great). Just looking down the list I see a lot of podcasts that have gotten praise elsewhere, such as Ramadanman's Bestimix 23 and Four Tet's FACT mix, which are definitely worth hearing. Yeah, I love that site, but it can admittedly get daunting because of the sheer amount of music there. So I tend to wait for these lists.

EDIT: Mixcloud can be hard to navigate, so I'll provide last year's list also. http://www.mixcloud.com/bestof/2009/cloudcasts/. Anybody who misses old school hip hop production (turntables and tons of samples) will appreciate #50.