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Producer/Writer Rankings.

The other day I was thinking: What if AM had, in addition to Artist Rankings, individual rankings for the top song writers, and the top album and song producers as well. Films101 has already introduced rankings for all sorts of filmmakers (actors, producers, directors, cinematographers etc.) and think that same sort of thing work on AM as well. Well except for the fact that Henrik likely would not have time for it. Waht do you guys all think?

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

Perhaps we should start with a few AM polls rather than create separate producer/writer categories for Henrik to track.

My conjecture is that many music listeners are not as concerned about the producers as the typical AMer.

On the other hand, the writer category could be a winner for inclusion on Henrik's to-do list.

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

If someone writes down the writer next to each album or song and send it to me, I'd be happy to create a top list and publish on the site.

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

If someone does a spreadsheet, and we all fill a few in, it could get done like that.
I think the biggest problem with this proposal is that most albums and songs are written and produced, especially written, by multiple people.

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

There are already spreadsheets with the complete listing all 3000 albums and songs on the AM home page. And there would be people willing to do this.

And I agree with the problem concerning writers on albums, which is why I only proposed doing. Most writers are only featured on one or two songs on an album, and hence could hardly be considered to have written the album.

Should we first establish a minimum amount of creative involvement needed to credit a writer on an album?

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

I do not think that a set amount amount of songwriting from an album should determine whether or not a songwriter should receive points for an album. There should be no question about it that they should receive credit, but only based on how much they contributed to the album.

2 ways of dealing with the multiple songwriters on albums issue:

Option #1

A songwriter receives a point based on the percentage of songs written on an album.
The Beatles' Abbey Road has 17 songs.
14 were written by Lennon/McCartney
2 were written by George Harrison
1 was written by Richard Starkey.

Harrison would receive 11.8% of Abbey Road's points. Starkey would receive 5.9% of Abbey Road's points, and Lennon and McCartney would each receive 41.2% of Abbey Road's points (songs composed by multiple songwriters would be divided equally by the number of songwriters).

Option #2
Only count the top 3000 songs, and leave the top 3000 albums out of the equation. This would make things a lot easier, and would help avoid the "different version of albums" dilemma (i.e. the Beatles' Meet the Beatles/With the Beatles), where one version of an album may feature a song written by a songwriter who didn't write any of the songs on another version of the album.

I also think that no matter how the points would be tabulated, that the Top 3000 Songs should carry more weight than they do when calculating the top artists. Just my personal opinion.

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

Producer/writer rankings is an excellent idea, by the way!

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

Perhaps we should start with a few AM polls rather than create separate producer/writer categories for Henrik to track.

I'd definitely be down for this.

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

I have the Top 200 or so songs done. Who should send them to?

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.


Until we figure out what to re: albums, I'm totally willing to do the remaing 2800 songs.

Re: Producer/Writer Rankings.

I have the Top 200 or so songs done. Who should send them to?

Hey Chris, I'm curious to see what that looks like. Could you send it to my email: dbone828@hotmail.com?