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A question about acclaimedmusic.net indexation system

Henrik, you have been many times complaining about the lack of time to index the lists into the site for the next update. So far, I've understood that:
- there are Excel spreadsheets that you use, by putting all the albums, lists and point calculations.
- that filling these spreadsheets is taking much time.
- that when you add a list, you must look on the older lists if they are not included.

Well, I don't get several points:
- you can combine several spreadsheets easily, since you have asked forum members to fill in some of these.
- is this spreadsheet system used to feed the site with the information it needs?
- if so, what are the main obstacles for an update? why don't you ask willing forum members to help you fill in spreadsheets? and finally, why can't you make micro-updates for one or two lists or so only?

Sorry if it seems like I'm spamming, but I'm really curious to know how people could help, if possible.