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Acclaimedmusic Blog Resource

Hey, so I am getting addicting to making videos for all of the lists I have and what not, and I even set up a blog today, called Jeremys Lists to categorize them for future reference and what not...

Ha, but anyway, I was wondering if it be cool to make like a separate section of the blog to do videos and lists for all of the countdowns that Acclaimed has done... All of the Top 10 Beatles, Beach Boys songs etc. and the all of the album and song lists or what not.

You can check my Kanye and Beatles one on there and see what you think

Here is the blog: http://jeremyslists.info

I did not know how easy they were to find on here, so I thought it would be cool to have a resource where they were all in one place... Would that be something you guys would be interested in??

I just set it up today and it is still rough, I only have two list up so far, but I would make it look a lot cooler, but it would be in this type of format... I will change one of the pages to say acclaimed to show what I am thinking...

Stupid idea, or would it be helpful as a resource where all acclaimed lists would be??

Re: Acclaimedmusic Blog Resource

And to clarify, I mean our own lists, not the critics lists...

Re: Acclaimedmusic Blog Resource

I think it's a very cool thing you're doing there! I wish I could know how to put together something like that.

I'm a little confused as to what types of lists you're asking about in this thread, though. Do you mean poll results, like the top songs of 2009, the top albums of all-time from the most recent poll, etc.?

Re: Acclaimedmusic Blog Resource

Ya exactly Moonbeam! I know I participated in the top 100 albums list and the Songs list and a lot of the Top 10 lists...

Pretty much any lists you guys would want to see I could do, what would really be easy to start with is if we collected the Top 10 song lists... Do we have a consensus 10 songs so I could title it...

Acclaimed's Top 10 Prince (insert band) songs

And then I could take some time with all of the album, song and artist lists... But basically I could do any list on here that is the forum's list...

I am also doing this with atease music community, I posted their first list here as an example of what I am thinking...