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A quick summary of what got lost...

Bracketology results (including a couple of votes that were posted after the 18th but are now missing):

1. "Gimme Shelter"
2. "Like a Rolling Stone"
3. "B.O.B."
4. "Living for the City"

Matt, you may want to repost the results in full.


An updated EOD albums spreadsheet has been posted, with newly added lists from XRoads (France) and Porcys (Poland). The Porcys list had been posted to the Critics' Lists forum, and needs to be reposted.


MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY received a perfect 10.0 on the 'Fork today.

Re: A quick summary of what got lost...

I think nicolas posted a most excellent list on the 1900-1949 thread.

Lots more votes in Unacclaimed 8 as well since Schwah's.

Also, I thanked Matt for Bracketology. (You all should, too.)