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Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

"The vocals on "Milk Man" were a huge turn-off, but there were enough interesting things going on in the instrumentation to give it the win here."

Jackson, if the vocals of Deerhoof are a turnoff, I think Satomi's vocals get more refined and fuller after the 2004 album Milk Man, where this track is from. Runners Four, the 2005 follow-up is Deerhoof's expansive follow-up where they throw every nuance of their sound out there, and nearly all of it sticks well. It also involves vocal contributions from at least 3, if not all, members of their band, which might be easier for your to listen to. Chris Cohen, member of Deerhoof at the time, also had a side band called the Curtains which is worth digging up.

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

*Utopia - very ambitious, surprised they actually delivered it.

*Elephant Stone - one of the first albums i've ever bought was the Stone Roses debut album and this track was there, and it was really one of my favorites, so it was actually pretty easy to pick.

*Puppet - I like Deerhoof, but this was my pick and of believe it is a better choice. Germano is the most underrated singer/songwriter of the 90s, even Lisa freakin' Loeb gets more mentions than her. Geek the Girk is a masterpiece and Happiness is a hell of a alt pop album, this is one of the most accessible tracks in a album full of highlights.

*rRainbow Chaser - loved the melody, better than the other track that surfaced during the first weeks.

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

Im posting from my cellphone, cause in at school and the deadline is close, so:

My first vote goes to Utopia. I really wasnt expecting vote for this, it was so long, but i loved it. Different from everything i've heard, i will check more of their material, cause it seems worthy of my time and this very long and terriifc track proved it it was no waste. My secind vote goes to The Stone Roses because they are simply my favorite british band of the 80s excluding the Smiths. I've always seen this song is part of the album, never a bonus track or something like that, cause it is on pair, in my opinion, to some of the material there. I really like the instrumental and a friend of mine used to play this during the night while we were camping, it was terrible but it is a nice memory. My third vote was the hardest. I adore females like these two and in a fan of both, so it was pretty hard to me. But Puppet takes it cause it has this awesome atmosphere and production that totally matches Lisas vocals and direct, honest writing. My fourth and last vote goes to the most surprisingly good match of this week. Im a huge fan of this obscure nirvana song, it is so good, better than some tracks that actually made other albums of them before and some darker material that came after Cobains death and the bands end.

These are my picks and forgive me for the bad english or not being organized, and if some of the words didnt make sense, blame the cells automatic correction, i hate them... But i needed to vote, i love this game

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

Match 25:

The Jayhawks- "Will I Be Married"
Utopia sounds like Rush, that's not a compliment coming from me.

Match 26:

The Stone Roses- "Elephant Stone"
Sorry but I won't support my fellow-citizen here, found Gainsbourg's piece boring

Match 27:

Deerhoof- "Milk Man"
More in a childish mood than in a creepy one today, but I guess some other day it could have gone the other way

Match 28:

Rob Dougan- Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Remix)
Madeleine de Proust FTW

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

I also don't have time for "The Ikon".

Serge Gainsbourg - "Cannabis"

I do quite like "Elephant Stone", but I also feel it is flawed. Serge on the other hand sounds like a French Ziggy Stardust, and that's a great thing.

Deerhoof - "Milk Man"

Weak matchup. "Milk Man" isn't great, but it is quirky and interesting whereas the Lisa Germano song was overlong.

Nirvana - "Rainbow Chaser"

The other Nirvana is surprisingly good, as was "Rainbow Chaser". The other song didn't do anything for me.

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

Voting for this week is now closed.

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

Here are your results for Week 7!

Match 25:

Utopia - "The Ikon": 13
The Jayhawks - "Will I Be Married": 4

Utopia jumped out to a quick lead and cruised to an easy win.

Match 26:

The Stones Roses - "Elephant Stone": 10
Serge Gainsbourg - "Cannabis": 9

This was close all the way. Serge Gainsbourg led early, but The Stone Roses quickly closed the gap. It went back and forth until The Stone Roses managed a slight lead. Serge closed strong, but not strong enough to win.

Match 27:

Lisa Germano - "Puppet": 8
Deerhoof - "Milk Man": 11

In another close match, Lisa Germano took an early lead, but it was quickly erased and Deerhoof looked to grab an easy win. But Lisa Germano came back strong, but not strong enough to win.

Match 28:

Nirvana - "Rainbow Chaser": 12
Rob Dougan - "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Remix)": 7

Nirvana took the first 4 votes, and Rob Dougan claimed the next 4. Nirvana seized momentum thereafter and never looked back.

The winners advance to the Winners Bracket 1 (W1), while the losers can take heart in the fact that they are not out of the game yet, and move to Losers Bracket 1 (L1).

Up-to-date brackets are available here.

Re: Unacclaimed Week 7

Nice to see long lost masterpieces like Ikon getting a go in here. Great site!