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This was a three day festival over Halloween weekend in Asheville, NC. It was the first year of what will hopefully become an annual event honoring Bob Moog, the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. Undestandably, most of the music was electronic based. There were many AM favorites there.

Some of the acts that were there: Big Boi, Massive Attack, MGMT, Panda Bear, Van Dyke Parks, Mute Math, El-P, DJ Spooky, Caribou, and about 40 others.

It's unlike any other festival, because you race all over a very walkable, cool town from one venue to the next seeing whoever you want to see. There are about four shows going on at any time. Everyone's dressed up for Halloween, so it makes it even more awesome. If they have it again next year, it's definitely worth attending.