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WOMEN Break up?

After releasing one of the best records of the year (Public Strain) it appears the critically acclaimed band might be splitting. A Recent fight between brothers during a live show has led to the cancellation of a very long tour. I hope this is just a scuffle. Public Strain is amazing; with women showing so much promise.

Re: WOMEN Break up?

I heard about this too. It would be a real shame if they broke up; Public Strain is just outside my year end T5. It's a great record (Eyesore in particular is nuts) and the band certainly shows a lot of promise for the future.

Re: WOMEN Break up?

Big shame if they go down. Public Strain is a very interesting, engaging record.

Re: WOMEN Break up?

Their brothers. How bad could it really be. If I were a member of Oasis I would fight them both, so they dont count. They are less than human in my eyes. word is, it was a long frustrating tour for them, and some final straws were pulled. They'll be back in some form or another.