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Panda Bear Single

You Can Count On Me & Alsatian Darn.

Both songs SOUND fantastic. Lyrically you just can't make any of it out. This might rub some people the wrong way,and I'm sure many are googling lyrics pages in search for answers. I kind of like not knowing, his songs always sound inviting and warm, but never want you to get too comfortable. Its a very optimistic approach to song making; assuming one will draw meaningful conclusions to the piece. Like the best movies, the end is best left to your imagination.

I love these songs, the first batch (Slow Motion, Tomboy) were terrific as well. If the material for the rest of LP is this strong, and is released by year end, it is safe to say that this will most definitely be a contender for Best of the year. The ANIMALS uncollected have released some of the strongest music this year once again. These guys are unstoppable.

Avey Tare's DOWN THERE is streaming on NPR ( I know - Superlame blah blah blah) ITS TERRIFIC, despite the mixed word it has received.

Re: Panda Bear Single

I disagree with you on Avey Tare, think it's distinctly underwhelming

Re: Panda Bear Single

I was a little underwhelmed my first couple listens but it has really grown on me. It is quite good.