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Philippe Manoeuvre's book about french rock is out (a list of around 125 albums I think)

Philippe Manoeuvre, head of Rock & Folk magazine, finally issued this book, around one year after it was announced.

But for those of you who were looking for the list, I don't have it, I didn't buy the book. I saw it this morning and took a quick glance at the selections, and I must say that I'm disappointed.

There's only one Bashung album (the usual suspect with him, "Play Blessures", which is not the best way to enter in Bashung's world), only two Gainsbourg ones (Initials BB and Aux armes etc.), one Téléphone (the 1976 self-titled one which is far from being their best)...

At least it makes room for a lot of obscure artists, and there are even a few surprises, "Pop Satori" by Etienne Daho (usually, Rock & Folk's favourite is "Paris ailleurs", they don't really like the 80s sound) or "Paradize" by Indochine (they are not really what we can call critics' favourite). There is also one Françoise Hardy album (the n°3 I think, the one with "Mon amie la rose"), which can seem normal for a foreign person, but she is not often included in French critics' lists.

I'm not going to buy the book, so it was just to advise you that it was out.