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1969 song recommendations

I just heard that yesterday, it's crazy. THis guy was recorded in the streets of San Antonio, a sort of uneducated Moondog.

Re: 1969 song recommendations

No reactions ? What a surprise

I really thought you'd love that kinda music.

Ok le me try one more : Tony JOe White is one of my favorite singer-songwriters.

Here's his most acclaimed song (and one of his very best)

her's on e of his songs sung by Brook Benton, from 1969 as well

Too rootsy, too southern for you ?

Re: 1969 song recommendations

The first one is mental but I loved it. It shows how little you actually need to make a song work.

I'm not as keen on the second one but it seems like it would have been ahead of its time with the Hendrixisms and funk elements.

The last one is a great listen.