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Best songs of 1969: the Results Live

Dear AMers:
When doing the compiling of the results of the 50s and 60s poll I used to follow a (pleasant) routine using Spotify and YouTube. While I looked for the eligibility of every album and song inside your Top 20s I selected in Spotify or in YouTube (depending where available) the songs voted and the first song of the Side A and the side B of the albums voted. So while I was assigning your votes I was listening to the incredibly excellent music you were voting for (and of course keeping track on the ones I discovered then for my own lists). The experience was so f… good that I always though that the best part of the game was only lived by myself.
So I’ve decided to do the same for everyone, that’s what I call this thread the Results Live. Of course I’m aware that this kind of approach ruins mostly the surprise so I’ll only do it once, only for the songs of 1969. In order to not revealing the whole list I will post the first Top 100 and then I’ll only post the new incorporations to the list plus the changes in the Top 10 when we get to a Top 125, Top 150, Top 175 and so on. But, please, please, please, keep on voting the same way you did it before, vote for the song you really like and try not to do strategic voting. Just take this thread as a way of getting good suggestions for your own lists.
So without more ado, here you got the first songs that made the list, a Top 100 from only five lists so far. Hope you enjoy it, at least all of you will get a thread with a ton of YouTube links to great songs (the links go to the original studio versions when available).

Re: Best songs of 1969: the Results Live

Top 100 (10/07/10)

97(tie). Burt Bacharach - South American Getaway

97(tie). The Rolling Stones - Monkey Man

97(tie). Blood, Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel

97(tie). Creedence Clearwater Revival - Born on the Bayou

92(tie). Sir Douglas Quintet - Lawd, I'm Just a Country Boy (In This Great Big Freaky City)
(not available on the web)

92(tie). The Kinks - Victoria

92(tie). The Who - It's a Boy

92(tie). George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag

92(tie). The Velvet Underground - Jesus

89(tie). Isaac Hayes - Walk On By

89(tie). John Barry - Theme from Midnight Cowboy

89(tie). The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

85(tie). Moondog - Theme / Stamping Ground

85(tie). Laura Nyro - Gibsom Street

85(tie). The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post

85(tie). Golden Earring - Another 45 Miles

81(tie). The Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day!

81(tie). Crosby, Stills & Nash - Wooden Ships

81(tie). Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

81(tie). Frank Sinatra - My Way

76(tie). Jane Birkin avec Serge Gainsbourg - Je t'aime...moi non plus

76(tie). Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

76(tie). Three Dog Night - One

76(tie). Thunderclap Newman - Something in the Air

76(tie). Liesbeth List met Ramses Shaffy - Pastorale

Impressive, isn’t it? Well, there’s much more to come…

Top 100 (10/07/10): 75-51

72(tie). The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

72(tie). The Band - Whispering Pines

72(tie). Chicago - Beginnings

72(tie). The Temptations - I Can't Get Next to You

67(tie). Nina Simone - The Desperate Ones

67(tie). Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary

67(tie). Toots & the Maytals - 54 46 That's My Number

67(tie). The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

67(tie). The Mothers of Invention - King Kong Itself (as played by the Mothers in a studio) / King Kong (its magnificence as interpreted by Dom DeWild) / King Kong (as Motorhead explains it) / King Kong (the Gardner Varieties) / King Kong (as played by 3 deranged Good Humor Trucks) / King Kong (live on a flat bed diesel in the middle of a race track at a Miami Pop Festival… The Underwood ramifications)

65(tie). Sly & the Family Stone - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

65(tie). King Crimson – 20th Century Schizoid Man (Including Mirrors)

61(tie). White Noise - Your Hidden Dreams

61(tie). Gal Costa - Cinema Olympia

61(tie). The Beatles - Get Back

61(tie). Sly & the Family Stone - Stand!

56(tie). Booker T & the MG's - Time Is Tight

56(tie). Santana - Evil Ways

56(tie). Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused

56(tie). Creedence Clearwater Revival - Wrote a Song for Everyone

56(tie). Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei

55. The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

54. Marlena Shaw - California Soul

50(tie). Shocking Blue - Love Buzz

50(tie). Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

50(tie). King Crimson – The Court of the Crimson King (Including The Return of the Fire Witch and The Dance of the Puppets)

50(tie). Neil Young - Down by the River

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 50-26

46(tie). Moondog - Lament 1, "Bird's Lament"

46(tie). Chicago - Questions 67 and 68

46(tie). Aphrodite’s Child – It’s Five O’Clock

46(tie). Lou Christy - Canterbury Road
(not available on the web)

42(tie). Laura Nyro - Save the Country

42(tie). Don Cherry - Eternal Rhythm, Pt. 1
Eternal Rhythm, Pt. 1 1/2
Eternal Rhythm, Pt. 1 2/2
(embedding disabled by request)

42(tie). Badfinger - Come and Get It

42(tie). Frank Zappa - Son of Mr. Green Genes

39(tie). The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O

39(tie). Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker

39(tie). Laura Nyro - New York Tendaberry

38. Joni Mitchell - Both Sides, Now

37. The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money

33(tie). Sly & The Family Stone - Everybody Is a Star

33(tie). White Noise - The Visitation

33(tie). BB King - The Thrill Is Gone

33(tie). Sly & the Family Stone - I Wanna Take You Higher

32. The Who - Overture

27(tie). David Axelrod - The Human Abstract

27(tie). Blind Faith - Presence of the Lord

27(tie). MC5 - Kick Out the Jams

27(tie). The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

27(tie). Colosseum - Valentyne Suite

26. Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer


39(tie). Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker

Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

25. Nick Drake - River Man

21(tie). Sly Johnson - Is It Because I’m Black

21(tie). Moondog - Symphonique #6 (Good for Goodie)

21(tie). The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun

21(tie). Frank Zappa - Peaches en Regalia

20. Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl

19. The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes

18. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son

17. The Beatles - Something

13(tie). Mulatu Astatke – Yèkèrmo Sèw

13(tie). Nico - Evening of Light

13(tie). The Who - We’re Not Gonna Take It

13(tie). Led Zeppelin - Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)

10(tie). Toots & the Maytals - Pressure Drop

10(tie). Crosby, Stills & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

10(tie). Miles Davis - Shhh/Peaceful

09. Led Zeppelin – Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You

08. Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal

04 (tie). Love - August

04 (tie). The Who - Pinball Wizard

Curtis Mayfield / Impressions - Choice Of Colors
Cargado por xyzmikey. - Ver más clips de música, videos en HD!
04 (tie). The Impressions - Choice of Colors

04 (tie). Scott Walker - Rhymes of Goodbye

03. David Bowie - Space Oddity

02. Pharoah Sanders - The Creator Has a Masterplan

01. The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter

Great initial Top 100, isn't it? With only 6 voters so far!! When we get to the Top 125 I will post the new incorporations and the changes on the Top 10.
So you got a lot of good music to listen for the weekend. Enjoy...

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

Wow, these posts surely deserve a response! Fantastic work, Honorio!

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

This list is amazing. I hope the final list will at least somewhat resemble it. Thanks for this, Honorio.

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

This is great Honorio!

This way the songs get the attention they deserve.
I've already discovered some great songs that I didn't know (very well) before.

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

Great Hon, Thanks a lot. Great idea to post these songs, especially those from the CSI experts (see my post in the 1969 thread if you're wondering who I am talking about)


Please next time don't post so many youtube videos on a single thread, because it takes forever to load and my computer almost froze. I couldn't open your thread !!

Has anybody had the same problem ?

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

Great Hon, Thanks a lot. Great idea to post these songs, especially those from the CSI experts (see my post in the 1969 thread if you're wondering who I am talking about)


Please next time don't post so many youtube videos on a single thread, because it takes forever to load and my computer almost froze. I couldn't open your thread !!

Has anybody had the same problem ?

Yeah, it would definitely be better if the links to the videos were posted instead of the videos themselves, but I'm not going to complain since this obviously took a lot of effort.

Re: Top 100 (10/07/10): 25-1

It's better on my computer at home !