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Ears buzzing...

I went to a freshers thing last night at my uni; it was in the main hip-hop (with heavy bass), and since then my ears have been messed up. For a whole day I haven't been able to hear properly. Why am I putting this on AMF instead of consulting a doctor?

Well, instead of spiralling into despair about the remote possibility that I will never again be able to enjoy one of my passions to its fullest extent (this problem will probably go in a day or two), I've decided to use it to make some humorous observations, and explore the mysteries of phenomenology, through my music playlist.

Here's my listening experience from the last day:

Paul McCartney now sounds like Eddie Cochran before his voice broke on I Saw Her Standing There

Stan now echoes the hypothetical suicide note which Justin Timberlake left his idol MJ because he never wrote back

I now have a version of Crazy by Nina Simone, featuring a chipmunk

Stephin Merritt has transformed into a high tenor

Loving Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross' cover of Ain't No Mountain High Enough

The Monkees are now officially made of plastic

Wow, Frank Zappa sounds even more stoned

Kurt Cobain was a little boy!

Michael Jackson was a little girl!

Albert Hammond Jr.'s solo on The Modern Age sounds even cooler

The Beach Boys sound even more heavenly

By the way, I'm completely serious, I think I've accumulated loads of earwax after loud music last night so now I can't hear that well, have incessant ringing, and hear things at a different pitch. If anyone has any suggestions...

Re: Ears buzzing...

Seriously man, consult a doctor. It sounds like you have some minor ear damage from last night.

Re: Ears buzzing...

I probably will do if it doesn't go away in a couple of days.