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Neil Young - Le Noise

Has anyone else heard this yet? I think it's at least on par with his early 90's stuff, if not his best since the 70's.

The first time I saw Young in concert I wasn't that impressed, but the second time during his solo tour last year, I thought he was amazing. He brought a lot of the energy from that tour onto this album. Even though he's the only one playing, the album's still got a full sound, because he uses a lot of buzz and echo. It's a totally new direction for Neil. I didn't think he had another really good album in him.

Re: Neil Young - Le Noise

Been reading some very solid reviews and I'm a huge Young fan. Can't wait to hear it. Apparently it's one of his dark and murky ones, which is all good in my book.

Re: Neil Young - Le Noise

I've heard a few songs, and it sounds good. Since the 1990s with Neil Young the songs are pretty much the same but it's the way he arranges and plays them (acoustic, with a band, a certain sound, here with only his Gretsch) that makes the difference
NB : I'm a huge NY fan