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Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

So much great music out this week. New Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Belle & Sebastian, No Age, and this.

Deerhunter have been a personal favourite of mine for the last few years. Cryptograms was amazing, and Microcastle was badass. "Nothing Ever Happened" is one the great songs from the 2000's.

This album is no exception to their streak of success. Helicopter is simply breath taking. Coronado had me and my fiancée up dancing immediately. I love this album.


Re: Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

is it considered a shoegaze album like their last one?

Re: Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

No. It's definitely something else. Very Poppy. Sounds a lot like something the Velvet Underground would have made had they remained a band. The Saxophone's are amazing, very exile on main street sounding.

Re: Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

I really like it as well. Enters my Top 10 for 2010 quite easily.

By the way, today I heard a bit of Young's La Noise, and I liked what I heard.

Re: Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

I've heard it a couple of times, and the first song is truly beautiful.

Re: Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

Solid album, but not as good as I had hoped. the run of Desire Lines through Helicopter is excellent, and He Would Have Laughed is lovely. Memory Boy, Revival, decent.


Re: Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

This is quite an exciting album. Exceeded my expectations (which were quite high!). A solid 9.5.