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Kanye West

What does everyone think about Kanye's new "Good Friday's" Material?

Some really cool stuff in my opinion. Once Kanye assembles an albums worth of songs of this caliber, it'll surely draw very high critical appreciation. Collaborations ranging from from Mos Def to Bon Iver. You can here Jay Z's influence over all of these tracks. I thought it would be a huge challenge for anyone to rival Big Boi's masterpiece, but it seems like there might be. Kanye may have the record of the year slowly leaking onto the internet ever friday.

Take Notice

Re: Kanye West

Have to agree here, he's been putting out some really good stuff of late. My favorites are the late-night jam "Devil in a New Dress" (has a sick Smokey Robinson sample) and the self-effacing "Runaway", which might be the most honest thing he's ever done. (It is a little grandiose, but so are all of his records.)