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Is there a place where the "Bubbling Under" songs and albums are ranked from #3001 and on?

If not, anybody have any idea of what #3001 song and album are?

Or the top 10 or 100 bubbling under albums/songs?

Would I be wrong in assuming that the list would continue with the albums or songs that fell out of the top 3000 since the last update?

For example:

3001. 10cc - The Original Soundtrack
3002. James Cleveland and the Angelic Choir - Peace Be Still
3003. Clint Black - Killin' Time
3004. The Original Motion Picture Cast - The Wizard of Oz
3005. Beck - Guero

3001. Ricky Martin - Livin' la Vida Loca
3002. Rihanna - S.O.S.
3003. Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now
3004. U2 - Mysterious Ways
3005. Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

Re: #3001?

If there is a place where the bubblers are ranked, it's somewhere inside Henrik's computer. They do seem to be ranked within each individual year's album listings, but there's no overall all-time ranking past #3000. And, no, the formerly ranked albums that have dropped out would not be #3001+ - it doesn't work that way.

Re: #3001?

The albums and songs below #3000 are not ranked because I am not sure that I have included all albums/songs that would be in these positions. There might not be any album outside the database that would take that 3001st place, but there might be about 100 albums that aren't shown as bubblers that would be in the 3001-3500 region for example.