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The New Grinderman album has been highly anticipated around here, and other music blogs. What does everyone think?

Nick Cave has tapped into something not levied since the Stooges released Raw Power.

High art and ferocious metal have rarely met in clearer expression. I'm reminded of Iggy's "Dirt", Early Black Sabbath explosions, Wire-154's obsessive tendencies, Tom Waites' Fisted Real Gone, and the Best Nirvana tracks (Rape Me).

I'm in love with this pit. This dirty hole. An album drenched in tobacco spats, Burning STD's, and All night whorehouses.


Re: Grinderman

I'm loving it too. Great stuff. Nick Cave get's crazier by the minute. The songs definitely have that Nirvana Spirit. One of my favorite records this year. What a great year!

Re: Grinderman

I'm liking it on my first listen, I'll have to process it more before I can say how much I like it. I love the guitar.

Re: Grinderman

The guitar is infectious. The sound is unlike anything out there. The last 3 minutes of "When my baby comes" is amazing. I'm loving it. I hope Nick Cave folds the Bad Seeds and becomes purely Grinderman for the next 10 years. As good as "Dig" was, it doesn't hold up against this material in my opinion. It's hard to believe these guys are in their 50's. The music sounds like a youth fIlled explosion!

Re: Grinderman

Although it's a bit loud for my taste, I do like Grinderman 2 as well. But Cave should definitely not give up The Bad Seeds.