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Simpsons Poll

Sorry, this is a non-music related post, but it's an appeal to anyone else who wants to nominate their favourite episodes in The Simpsons poll.

All the episode names and info, rules etc. are on the page I've posted a link to below. It's not really a long drawn out thing; just if you like The Simpsons and have a couple of favourites, you can nominate them and they'll make the final poll (which will only be between 10-50 episodes). Episode names have already proven elusive, but they should be easy enough to find if you don't know them via the Season links on the nomination page.

Nominate here

Simpsons Poll

Sorry again, returning to a non-music related post.

The Simpsons poll is now open for voting. It's really easy to vote if you like The Simpsons. Just rank your favourites from the list of nominees, each of which has its own description on the thread so you can tell which ones they are. You only need to rank one episode to vote.

Vote here

Re: Simpsons Poll

didn't see many votes for the recent episodes. Like most cartoons for some reason the longer they go on the more obnoxious and whiney the voices become especially Tes McNeals. I stopped watching when they made her the lead female on the show.

Re: Simpsons Poll

It's also the lame, unoriginal, pop-culture based storylines and betrayal of earlier seasons that has seen the show decline. It has picked up in recent years though.

On voice actors, the worst one in recent years is Dan Castellaneta's attempt at a Scottish accent for Groundskeeper Willie. Until Season 17, he never had any long speeches because he wasn't confident enough to do the voice for extended lines. And now we know why.

All the same, at its best The Simpsons is one of the greatest achievements in television history, so come and celebrate it in the poll.

Also, I'd suggest ALL COMMENTS BE MADE ON THE VOTING THREAD from now on, since this is in the music section.

Re: Simpsons Poll

well I can bring it back into the subject of music. One episode I loved was the Halloween episode where all the restaurant statues and mascots were coming to life and at the end Liza say to just ignore them and they will go away. I think that's how we will finally get Lady Gaga to stop trying so hard get people's attention. People here talk about how they hate music that is overproduced. Gaga's entire wardrobe is an overproduction.

Re: Simpsons Poll

Thankfully, I stopped listening to the radio for more than ten minutes at a time before Gaga came along. I can't say I'm really that bothered by her. She's trying to be Madonna, whose music I don't really care for either, so just let her do her thing. And if you don't want to hear from her, don't listen to mainstream radio or watch MTV. It's that simple.

In actual fact, the UK Singles Chart has been duopolised since 2008 by something called "Grime" (which seems to be lead by a Dizzee Rascal selling out) and Simon Cowell, so if your into 'pop', whatever that is, where I live, Gaga's the best you've got.

Re: Simpsons Poll

This is the last time I'm going to break the segregation laws, I promise.

Just in case you're interested but haven't visited the Movies section of the forum lately, NINE HOURS LEFT TILL THE SIMPSONS POLL DEADLINE. Zorg, Daniel, I'm looking at you, but anyone else who wants to vote as well (HOW TO) VOTE HERE.

I'll accept votes cast into the early hours of the morning British time, but I'd prefer them sooner rather than later please.

Re: Simpsons Poll

Also for those of you who never read the other topic: The final vote of the 'Best films of the 00s' poll closes on Sept 30th.