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I kind of wish more artists would take the route that artists like Robyn are taking and releasing EP's instead of full albums. Not that I want the album to die, but it's nice to hear from an artist more than once a year (or worse) and for me, hearing 6-7 songs is more than enough. I think this applies to pop more than rock, but there are definitely rock bands that would benefit from solely releasing EP's rather than 16 song albums that consist of mostly filler.

Re: EP's

I don't want to see just a lot of EPs, but I wouldn't mind if artists started releasing 45 minute albums instead of 75.

Just because the medium gives you 75 minutes doesn't mean you have to fill it.

Re: EP's

EPs are great appetizers! They generally don't manage to achieve the resonant power of complete albums, but they can be exciting listens all the same!

Perhaps we should do a poll for EPs.