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Has anyone listened to Geographer? I ran across them this week on shuffler.fm...I like "Kites", but I don't know much about them other than that.

Re: Geographer

Since your post I have listened to "Kites" and, although it's not normally my kind of music, strangely found myself liking it too. Enough for me to want to find more about the band anyway. According to the ever-reliable source of random Youtube posters, they're a Bay Area band, which I presume means from around the San Francisco area. Apart from that, I know as much as you geographically speaking (I'm not usually the punning sort).

I have heard a few of their other songs, and I based on this I think they're very good. Among the ones I've heard though, "Paris" is absolutely brilliant. It's up there with the best of this year in my opinion.

"Paris" and "Kites" are both on "Animal Shapes", their second album, released two weeks ago. Based on the little info I have on it, I'm disappointed that it only has six proper songs (plus two remixes) on it with a half hour length (half the length of the Sufjan EP!). I imagine it has the potential to be a pretty other-worldly listen, but six songs in half an hour just wouldn't be enough to carry me away.

The songs from their first album "Innocent Ghosts" suggest it to be a rather indie pop affair, but it's more than just listenable. I'll definitely be looking more into this band sooner rather than later.

Thanks for introducing me, Larry