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So there's a new player in the streaming game brought to you by the guys who gave you Skype and Kazaa. So far I like it a little better than Rhapsody although the catalog isn't as deep but that should change. Two things jump out at me.

1. It's like Twitter where you have followers and it shows what is popular in your network. This is really cool and might rival last.fm (which it also scrobbles to).

2. It scans your iTunes library to add to your collection so if you have a capable smartphone you can take most of your music with you without having to run a server from home.

It's in beta right now and you need an invite. I have 10 if anybody wants one. You get a 3 day trial- after that it's 4.99 a month for web and desktop only, 9.99 if you want to use it on your mobile. That's $5 less than Rhapsody so it's a pretty good deal, and I think the mobile version is the same price as Spotify.

Anyway, if you are interested drop your email here and I'll send you an invite. I'd rather give them out to people who are seriously thinking of paying monthly just because a big part of the site is the network aspect but if you just want to try it that's cool too.