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I need AMers opinions...

I was thinking about doing another UMT, starting next April and was considering 2 options for how to come up with seeding for 64 brackets...

#1 - Use anywhere from 5 to 8 different top artist lists, (Billboard top artists of all-time, AM top 1000, UMT rankings from 2010, AM forum top artist poll, Poll from non-AM voters) (plus perhaps adding V-H1's top 100 of all-time, Digitaldreamdoor top 100 artist list and another list incorporating all the charts from around the world is a top 1000 artist list on T-Sort.)

#2 - Going through every artist and determining their debut date, (release of 1st single or album) and then setting up the brackets to each corresponding year from say 1950-2010.

I was just mulling over these thoughts in my head and wanted to get some of your opinions on what would be best.

Re: I need AMers opinions...

Honestly, I think the only thing missing from your seeding algorithm is consideration of albums instead of just singles.

If you're looking for something clever to do, you could split them up by exposure. First pick the top 1024, then put the most well known 256 in one bracket, the next most well known 256 in the next, etc. I'm thinking of doing something similar for the next Moderate, using google hits as a measure of 'well known'.